Environmentally friendly Crypto mining Hosting company enters UAE with UAE SEED Group


Even before the UAE and specifically Dubai release their crypto mining regulations, companies have already started operating in the country. Recently 2Bminer, crypto mining hosting center with operations in the UAE, Czech Republic, and USA, signed a partnership agreement with UAE Seed Group, a company of the Private office of Sheikh Saeed Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum.

The announcement and the fact that 2Bminer is present in the UAE is not surprising. Prior to this, UAE-based Phoenix Technology Consultants signed a $650 million order for crypto mining rigs as part of its expansion plans in UAE and MENA region, while a UAE Sovereign wealth Fund is building one of the biggest crypto mining farms in the region under the strategic guidance of Roland Berger.

It would seem that 2BMiner is espousing its ecofriendly nature. As per 2Bminer website, their crypto mining machines mainly use hydro, wind and solar power. Sustainability is something that the UAE government is keen on. The company offers the sale of mining machines and as well as the placement of those machines in their centers and under their management. In short 2Bminer offers mining hosting services.

As per the press release, the agreement with UAE SEED group, SEED will help 2bminer.com expand its operations in the Emirates and the wider Middle East, reach the right audience, access top decision-makers in the government as well as private sectors, and market their crypto mining products and services effectively in the region.  While 2Bminer will focus on transforming the crypto mining market of the UAE by providing the best machines, technical support, and global hosting centers to make the minting of cryptocurrencies easier and more profitable. 

Hisham Al Gurg, CEO of Seed Group and the Private Office of Sheikh Saeed bin Ahmed Al Maktoum, said: "As cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular, people are eager to invest in them and make profits. The UAE wants to establish a crypto mining ecosystem, offering a growth-oriented environment to FinTech companies and world-class mining services to clients in the region itself. Companies offering mining equipment, hosting services, world-class facilities, and good returns to investors at globally competitive rates hold huge potential in the Emirates' digital economy."

Jakub Hlavenka, CEO, 2bminer.com, said: "We are pleased to enter into a mutually beneficial partnership with SEED Group. The collaboration will help propel our business interests and goals in the MENA region through the group's support and a strong base of regional connections. We are committed to providing the best platform for crypto mining in the region."

This is not the first agreement SEED group has signed with Blockchain and crypto entities. Over the years, UAE SEED Group has announced many such partnerships examples include Ubirch, a German blockchain cyber security specialist, DiamondBack, creators diamondbacked stablecoin, DeepDive Technology, OwlTing for Blockchain ecommerce solutions for travel services, Aergo Foundation and Blocko, Fantom Foundation and Liquefy a security token solution provider.

Of those companies, Liquefy no longer seems to exist, DiamondBack has no presence in UAE nor does it seem to be active. As for Ubirch, they are in the UAE but no major announcements have been made thus far along the lines of their activities in the UAE.

As for OwlTing, it still seems to be active in China and Asia but no activities in the MENA region. Then there is Fantom Foundation which has seen some controversy over the past year despite its strong presence at Consensys 2022 and announcements that TrustWallet now supports Fantom.  

As for DeepDive, it has built partnerships in the UAE. It is a partner of UAE Bedu which encompasses an NFT factory, and metaverse solution provider. 

So in short, while SEED has partnered over the years with several entities in the Blockchain and crypto sector we have yet to see strong hanging fruits of these partnerships on the ground in the UAE. Even though some have managed to make some inroads. The recent one with 2Bminer might be a game changer for SEED, we will just have to wait and see.